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From Tank to Table - Lobsters and the Export Life Cycle

On this episode we discuss rock lobsters with the Geraldton Fisherman Cooperative that exports nearly 4,000 tonnes of Rock Lobster every year, the majority off which is now exported to China. We speak with the Co-op’s Matt Rutter about the rock lobster journey from off the Western Australian coast to the Chinese dinner table. We also discuss the importance of Chinese partnerships, the impact of ChAFTA and how to reach and understand your target market in China.

Matt Rutter is the Geraldton Fisherman Cooperative’s General Manager for Marketing and Business development. Matt has spent the majority of his career working with cooperatives where he has gained over 18 years experience trading and marketing food and food commodities worldwide and he has built a reputation for developing new markets for food products across the globe.

For more information on the Cooperative visit www.brolos.com.au