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The ChAFTA Effect, 2 Years On

With much talk over the past 2 years of the opportunities provided by the ChAFTA (The China Australia Free Trade Agreement), how much of an effect has the agreement had on Australian businesses? In this episode we speak with Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner for North China, Dan Tebbutt, who discusses the impact of ChAFTA in export goods, services, investment, tourism and education, and the role Austrade plays on the ground in China

Dan also reveals ChAFTA’s high utilisation rate with Australian companies, addresses how ChAFTA has made Australia a more attractive business partner in the eyes Chinese businesses and the overall maturity of the China market.

Dan Tebbutt has been Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner forNorth China and Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) at the Australian Embassy Beijing since December 2015.Previously, Dan served as Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner and Deputy Consul-General (Commercial) for Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner in Moscow. Before joining Austrade, Dan worked as a journalist, editor, communications consultant, business analyst and speechwriter.

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