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The Other China (South-West) and the Health Sector

By declaring 'let some people get rich first', Deng Xiaoping sparked off economic development along China's east coast. However, today China's south-west and lower tier cities are rapidly catching up and have much to offer Australian businesses in trade and investment. 

This week we travel to the spice land of South West China to speak with Victorian Deputy Commissioner Lisa Renkin in Chengdu on the business opportunities that exist in China’s lesser known regions. From first mover advantage, greater access to government officials and fast developing infrastructure, we discuss what makes South West China different, as well as the opportunities in the health sector with increasing demand in health, med tech and aged care expertise,  as well as the benefits of Chengdu’s High Tech Zones

Lisa Renkin is an experienced international health and development specialist with proven field and headquarters-based expertise in the design, management, delivery and evaluation of international initiatives, spanning 20 years and a diverse range of contexts in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.