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David Bennett (IP Australia) - Demystifying IP in China + ?? Chinese Translation

One of the biggest concerns for Australian firms exporting to China is that of intellectual property and the risk that exported goods in China can be easily copied, duplicated and sold on to unknowing consumers with no protection by the Chinese authorities.

In this episode, IP Australia’s David Bennett puts forward a different picture of the IP environment in China, where by being actively engaged, Australian businesses can ensure their IP is protected by understanding that Chinese IP works differently. Namely, in China, your IP is protected once a trademark is registered rather than being first to market as is the case in Australia. David also points out how invested the Chinese authorities are in establishing a fair IP playing field that protects both local and foreign firms.

David Bennett is IP Australia’s first intellectual property (IP) Counsellor to China, where he is working out of the Australian Embassy in Beijing since early 2017. David’s role involves supporting Australian businesses to navigate Chinese IP systems. This includes providing guidance on IP registration, enforcement procedures and the court system; developing educational resources; and liaising with the Australian business community in China. He is also engaged with the Chinese Government to address common issues and concerns around IP policy.

See link below for David's 'Protecting your IP in China' guide

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