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Get on board Belt and Road plan

By: The Australian

This week in Darwin the Australia China Business Council is hosting a major conference entitled “One Belt One Road in Australia — everything you need to know”.

As a city at the southern end of the Maritime Silk Road component of the Belt and Road Initiative, Darwin is Australia’s geographical point of contact with the largest infrastructure development initiative since the Marshall Plan. Accordingly, the ACBC believes it is vital for Australia and northern Australia in particular to know more about BRI — how it will work, its likely impact in our region and what opportunities and benefits there might be for Australian businesses.

The timing of our conference couldn’t be better. It’s no secret that the Australia-China relationship is going through a difficult period at present. While our economic relationship remains strong at this point, the challenges in the government-to-government relationship are causing some anxiety in the business community. So finding a way to build more common ground between Australia and China is therefore a critical priority.

One thing we could do that would benefit Australia and begin to repair the relationship would be to get on board with the Belt and Road Initiative. BRI is China’s massive effort to improve and increase trade and economic activity along six land corridors and a maritime route through Asia and Europe.

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