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AFL Shanghai Alive 2018


On May 14, 2017 something quite remarkable happened at the iconic Jiangwan Stadium, deep in the heart of Shanghai.

On a warm, clear, beautiful autumn day, over 10,000 Government officials, business executives and sports fans assembled to witness the historic first official game of Australian football to be played on Chinese soil.

As the first ball was bounced, and the 3000 local residents joined the 7000 traveling fans and ex pats from Australia in a roar that shook the stadium, it felt as if the foundations of an enduring event had been successfully laid.

Fast forward to season 2018, and the AFL is working hard on building on this early success. Our theme ‘Shanghai Alive…Great for Business’ says it all.

We aim for this event to reflect the boundless energy of one of the world’s great cities. We will create an environment where business connection will flourish with the assistance of modern technology and sophistication. And most of all, we want the event to be fun. It is after all, a game of footy…A long way from home, and played in front of the largest viewing audience in the game’s history. But still the game we love.

If doing business in China is important to you, you will know how critical these types of moments are. They build confidence, trust and reassurance. In short, Australian football in China…is great for business.

To see more, this link ( will take you to the exciting suite of business and hospitality events on offer.

I hope you can join us.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai.

Warm Regards,

Paul Faulkner
AFL- Head of China Commercial



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