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10th anniversary of the Australia China Film Co-Production Treaty


If you happened to have been hanging around the Sydney Opera House in August last year, you might have been treated to the sight of Chinese action superstar Jackie Chan leaping about on the roof.  The fight scene on top of Australia’s most famous building is part of Chan’s latest movie, Bleeding Steel, which will be released in China at the end of the year.  Bleeding Steel is the biggest Chinese movie ever to be filmed in Australia.  Australian and Chinese film executives meeting in Brisbane this week hope there will be many more.

ACBC’s National CEO, Helen Sawczak, is today attending a Summit held by Austrade and Screen Australia to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Australia China Film Co-Production Treaty.  This deal has resulted in eight Australia-China co-productions so far.  With China likely to soon overtake the US as the world’s largest movie market, now is the perfect time for Australia to position itself as a destination of choice for future Chinese film productions and co-productions.

Australian film director and producer Paul Currie, interviewed by Fran Kelly on ABC Radio National this morning, said that Chinese film producers are actively looking for impressive international locations in which to make their movies.  Australian landscapes and culture, as well as the history of Chinese presence in Australia, give us a competitive advantage which we can develop and promote.

Australia also has a lot to offer on the technical side: high quality crews and facilities, including film studios across the country from Docklands in Melbourne to Fox Studios in Sydney and Village Roadshow on the Gold Coast.

ACBC has long promoted the potential of partnerships between Australia and China in areas as diverse as science, technology and innovation, agriculture and tourism, and environmental management.  Film production is yet another space in which China is fast becoming the world leader.  Australia is very well-placed to play an important role in what will soon be the biggest movie market in the world.

You can hear Paul Currie on Radio National here.

You can read about the Screen Australia Summit here.

And you can see pictures of Jackie Chan leaping around on top of the Sydney Opera House here.


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