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China extends transitional period for cross-border e-commerce


China has announced it will extend the transition period for recent changes to cross-border e-commerce legislation to the end of 2017.

Earlier this year Chinese authorities announced two regulatory changes that impacted cross-border e-commerce transactions. The first of these was changes to preferential tax policies that had existed for cross-border e-commerce transactions. The second announcement was the establishment of a “Positive List” of categories of products permitted in cross-border e-commerce as well as changed preferential tax policies on many of these categories.

In order to provide retailers appropriate time to adapt to these policy changes, a 12-month grace period was implemented until May 2017 to provide sufficient time to acquire the appropriate import licenses, approval documents, and registration requirements. The announcement on Tuesday has extended this grace period to the end of 2017.  

A copy of the Ministry of Commerce’s announcement (in mandarin) can be found here.


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