The China Connection | September 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: Masterclass series launched  |  CDM2: Tell your story  |  Insights from 'China here and now'  |  Future agribusiness: Innovate  |  Understanding Chinese consumers  |  China Path Podcast 18  |  September inbound delegation  ... and more

The China Connection | July 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: China Digital Marketing set to launch  |  China here and now: Communicating with the multi-billion dollar local market  |  Kicking goals in the ageing well space  |  Future agribusiness: Collaborate  |  Member exclusive parliamentary hearing  |  DFAT luncheon with Consul-General Chendu  |  New ACBC NSW CEO  ... and more

The China Connection | June 2018

IN THIS ISSUE: Export Forum wrap  |  China Digital Marketing series  |  SACHINA Connect in China  |  PM attends Canberra Networking Day  |  SA agribusiness: Making it easy  |  57 Films  |  Why AFL in China matters  |  Business missions update  |  China Path Podcast: An Ageing China  ... and more

The China Connection | May 2018


IN THIS ISSUE: The South Australian China Export Forum 2018  |  Canberra Networking Day  |  Shanghai May 2018  |  Leonie McKeon on negotiation strategy  |  Improving agribusiness capabilities  |  Ageing well emerging market  |  Sinorbis digital masterclass  |  China Path Podcast 13 on wine in China  |  2018 Westpac Australia-China Business Sentiment Survey ... and more

The China Connection | April 2018

Welcome to our new regular publication, The China Connection. ACBC has contact with just about everyone and everything in the SA China space, from tech start-ups and cellar doors, to business high flyers and key government departments. From this position at the centre of all things China, our work is to bring all of you together. We see this cornerstone publication as a point of connection. The China Connection.