China In Touch, 26 September 2018, Issue 237

The most frightening observation in Woodward’s new book FEAR about the Trump administration is the handwritten marginal note on a draft speech made as Trump was returning from the G20 summit.   Trump writes TRADE IS BAD. It is perhaps the most accurate summary of the way President Trump views the world, capturing his protectionism, isolationism and fervent American nationalism.   


China In Touch, 12 September 2018, Issue 236

The Beijing and Shenzhen 2018 visits by the Northern Territory government-led delegation restored momentum in the NT China engagement. The visit shows a genuine commitment to follow-up on matters arising from the July One Belt One Road conference held in Darwin.

This NT commitment was acknowledged and supported by the China side.  Sinosteel Chairman Xu Siwei made a special return trip from Europe to attend the meeting with the Chief Minister in Beijing.  With just two days prior to the State visits by 52 African leaders – a major event of national importance where CCPIT Beijing played a major co-ordinating role–  CCPIT national Vice Chairman Yin Zhonghua made time available to meet with the Chief Minister.


China In Touch, 29 August 2018, Issue 235

Chinas Belt and Road Initiative is most often seen through a hard  infrastructure lens – roads and bridges. It is one perspective but it ignores the development of  soft  infrastructure. These are words written in regulations, treaties and trade agreements. By themselves they cannot build a bridge, but they can stop a bridge being built, or determine how it is built. Understanding this soft infrastructure is vital because it impacts on how we will do business with China in the future.


China In Touch, 15 August 2018, Issue 234


I had hoped to write about something other than President Trumps relentless trade war with China but the announcement of additional tariffs on Chinese goods means that the trade war remains front and center. If we accept this narrative at face value then investors can adjust their portfolio and investment strategies to minimize any immediate harm, or reap some transitory benefits. Dig a bit deeper, and the situation is more dangerous. This is a direct challenge to Chinese sense of nation and face. From this perspective the investment and business  solutions look very different.



China In Touch, 1 August 2018, Issue 233

Recently I re-read RISING SUN written at the height of the US Japan trade wars in the early 1990s. The themes are eerily similar to the current US narrative  about China. One of the  key trade negotiators in this US Japan trade war was Robert Lighthizer. Thirty years later literally little has changed. One of the lead proponents of tariffs on China, and advisor to President Trump is the now 70 year old Robert Lighthizer.