China In Touch, 23 May 2017, Issue 203

Chinas One Belt One Road policy strategy was showcased by President Xi Jinping last week.  ACBC NT is participating in the national level One Belt One Road Expo in Xi'an in the first week of June  in recognition of the importance of this policy for investment into and out of the Northern Territory.  Despite the high profile media coverage of last weeks One Belt One Road Beijing conference  there remains some confusion about the policy, its aims and its impacts. Some countries, notably the United States and Australia, remain deeply suspicious of its  intentions. 

China In Touch, 10 May 2017, Issue 202

This week I am  part of a joint NT/ SA State level trade and investment delegation to China and in June ACBC NT leads a  delegation to participate  in a One belt One Road national level expo in Xi'an. 

These delegations take place against the backdrop of growing trade protectionism applied not just at strategic levels, but at the irritating regulatory nuisance level. Recent changes to the Australian visa system are a case in point.

China In Touch, 26 April 2017, Issue 201

Last week I provided investment analysis and outlook conference presentations in Hong Kong and Singapore for a international financial market company based out of Singapore but headquartered in Canada. Back in my Singapore office I work with staff from Singapore, mainland China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. Sunday I returned to Australia and found much of what I had taken for granted in the previous week is no longer possible in Australia due to 457 and other visa process changes.

China In Touch, 29 March 2017, Issue 199

One of the themes of the Premiers Li's speech at the  Australia China Trade Economic Co-operation forum in  Sydney was the  recognition of the co-existence of two civilizations. He said that multi-lateralism and diverse civilization is good for peace and stability. It was a message well received by the audience and the panel of top business leaders. In the broader Australian media it was a different and less supportive response. Why are Westerners always scolding China?  It’s a question my Chinese colleagues have been asking more frequently in recent weeks. It was a question I was asked by Chinese media reporters who were covering the Premiers visit.

China In Touch, 16 March 2017, Issue 198

Recently I spoke with an eager potential business exporter to China. He exhibited all the signs of the China Syndrome. This is a dangerous infection that often leads to financial ruin. The China syndrome is a collection of untested beliefs about China and the business opportunities offered.Here are five of the symptoms.