The Banyue - July 2017 Issue 80

ACBC Victoria’s Banyue newsletter Issue 80 features a call for submissions to The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s review of Australia’s business, investment and talent visas. The review will assess whether these visa programmes enable Australia to target and attract the best business migrants, entrepreneurs, investors and distinguished talents who will make a valuable contribution. The Department invite the Australian public to provide views on the current state of relevant programmes to inform the review.

Our July issue also includes recent highlights such as our Education Forum held at Westpac in Melbourne. Over 120 guests attended to hear from our keynote speakers, The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC and Ms Amanda Pickrell, Director – International Education, DEDJTR, as well as our expert panel to gain insight into how Victoria can build upon its successes in the field of international education.

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China In Touch, 19 July 2017, Issue 207

Prime Minister Keating is reputed to have said that the best way to see Darwin was from 30,000 feet as you flew over it. We would beg to differ, but from a Chinese perspective this observation has a ring of unpleasant truth about it. One of the most significant problems facing Darwin from Chinese business and investment perspective is that people do not even have the chance to fly over Darwin at 30,000 feet. Getting to Darwin is a difficult process, with a transit visas required for Singapore in addition to an Australian visa.

The Banyue - July 2017 Issue 79

Issue 79 of the Banyue newsletter features a write up from the launch of our Executive Women’s Forum held at Paspaley on 28 June. The goal of the EWF is to create a forum for professional female members of ACBC Victoria to share information, experiences, perspectives, challenges, ideas and professional advice regarding growing business opportunities between Australia and China.

The July edition also includes recent highlights, upcoming events, news and supported initiatives. 

China In Touch, 5 July 2017, Issue 206

There remains a popular idea that China is a nation of copy-cats with stores full of fake goods created with ideas stolen from others. This ill-informed concept of China is both an exercise in ignorance, but more importantly it blinds us to the vast research and development industry that underpins Chinas new economy. But it’s not just research that poses a challenge. It the new thinking that goes with the research. Three examples sum up the nature of the competition.


The Banyue - June 2017 Issue 78

Issue 78 of The Banyue features the ANZ insight report “Now for investment: looking beyond free trade in the China-Australia Free-Trade Agreement”. It finds that the ChAFTA will support increased demand for Australian goods in China, while lowering the cost of investment in Australia generating stronger returns for Chinese investors.

The June issue also includes upcoming events such as the launch of our Executive Women's Forum; our 2017 Education Forum with The Right Hon the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC and Ms Amanda Pickrell, DEDJTR as keynote speakers; our Property Forum for 2017; and many more. 

See also for recent highlights such as Canberra Networking Day, as well as news, member news, supported events and initatives, and more...