ACBC Tasmania Newsletter September-Oct 2019

Commemoration of the PRC 70th Anniversary, Tasmanian Export Awards, upcoming events, infromation of interest and the latest ACBC podcast episodes and much more

China In Touch, 8 October 2019, Issue 262

For the past three weeks working in China I have not used any cash. Every single transaction in China, from buying a fresh apple from a  roadside vendor in Dunhuang in Gansu province to paying for a quite expensive lunch I hosted in Beijing was paid by WePay using my Huawei phone. Speaking at the Global Knowledge Economy conference in Qingdao I noted that the electronic cashless payment is transformative. It lies at the heart of poverty alleviation which in turn lies at the core of the Belt and Road Initiative. One of the central  aims of the Belt and Road Initiative is poverty alleviation.


The Banyue - Issue 135 October 2019

This edition of ACBC Victoria's fortnightly e-newsletter, The Banyue, includes a message from the CEO celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Also inside are links to upcoming events such as the 2019 Annual General Meeting, inbound delegation from Qingdao, a forum with Lisa Renkin, Deputy Commisioner for Victoria in China, our end of year celebration and more. Issue 135 also includes news stories of interest and some special offers for ACBC Members and Friends and much more...

China In Touch, 25 September 2019, Issue 261

Forced technology transfer; this has become an article of faith in the litany of complaints that underpin Trumps trade war with China. It makes for a great slogan, but is it true? If its correct that business should be very wary of engaging in business with China. If it’s not true, then this slur has no place in the formulation of foreign policy and it’s not an impediment to doing business in China.



The Banyue - Issue 134 September 2019

This edition of the Banyue includes links to upcoming events such as the 2019 Annual General Meeting, the Regional Agribusiness Forum and the Renewable Energy Forum. Issue 134 also includes highlights from recent events such as the Australia China Health Summit and the roundtable with Graham Fletcher.  Additionally, this edition includes links to external initiatives and much more…