China In Touch, 13 December 2017, Issue 218

This week as I travelled the New Silk Road from Jinghong in South Western Yunnan to Mohan on the very border of China and Laos. This was skimming the mountain tops, weaving through the clouds giving truth the translation of Yunnan – south of the clouds. A 200 Kilometer journey that would have taken a full day or more just a few years ago was completed in a little over two hours and was a comfortable day return trip. It was made on a dual expressway – 2 lanes each way - that carved its way through the jungle and the mountains. Tunnels were often 2 to 3 kilometers long and the road a series of gentle gradients and sedate curves. Occasionally there was a glimpse of the old road, with switchback curves, steep descents and even steeper ascents.

Queensland Branch - End of Year Message

China In Touch, 6 December 2017, Issue 217

In the excitement that often surrounds business engagement with China is easy to forget that this is not one-way trade. We spend a lot of time thinking about business strategies, planning how to enter the China market or expand our footprint. Governments and business develop investment attraction strategies designed to bring Chinese investment into major projects and infrastructure. Underpinning this is an unspoken assumption that China is a pot of gold with unlimited opportunities. It’s a modern version of the Shanghai tailors dream.

Queensland Branch eNews - Summer 2017

The Banyue Issue 89 November 2017

Issue 89 of the Banyue features a write about the success of China’s recent ‘Singles Day’. The event, led by ACBC member Alibaba, has proven to be one of the most important retail events in the global market and has surpassed the gross expenditure of events like the US Black Friday.   

This issue also has several excerpts of write ups from our recent events, including last weeks Renewable Energy Forum: Renewable Energy in Victoria and the China Factor. The event, hosted by ShineWing Australia, featured a panel of experts from the renewable energy sector talking about the future of energy in this country and role of governments and businesses in creating a sustainable future.

Issue 89 also includes details of our busy calendar of upcoming events, recent Australia-China news, supported events, initiatives and more...