China In Touch, 22 November 2017, Issue 216

Its difficult to know if Hangzhou is now more famous as a site of Jack Mas Alibaba enterprise or for the gardens and temples of West Lake. Certainly for the commercially focused it’s the high tech cross border ecommerce trade zone developments that first come to mind. The province of Guizhou is more closely identified with the colorful Miao and Dong minority groups than with any high tech developments but the capital, Guiyang, is the largest cross border ecommerce development zone after Hangzhou.

China In Touch, 8 November 2017, Issue 215

The CPCCC meeting has ended, but what are the key outcomes for Australia and the NT? In the week following the conference I was in China and had the opportunity to talk with a wide range of senior officials and friends. We should not underestimate the level of support enjoyed by President Xi, particularly around the anti-corruption campaign. One Belt One Road will fundamentally alter the economic landscape of Asia and Eastern Europe/Eurasia. This is a trade bloc policy with inbuilt political tolerance for diversity. NT prosperity depends on involvement in this new landscape, and the regulatory structures which are defining it.

China In Touch, 25 October 2017, Issue 214

Anyone who doubted the commitment to and the longevity of the New Silk Road policy has those doubts removed with China Presidents Xi remarks to the CPCCC meeting. This is not a rhetorical centrepiece of his policy. It is a genuine cornerstone of his vison for China future involvement with the world. Despite this, there are some of see the New Silk Road policy as a set of empty commitments which have already lost steam. As a recent ANZ report noted, there are five myths, or misconceptions that surround this policy.

The Banyue - October 2017 Issue 86

Issue 86 of the Banyue features a write up of our tourism report launch 'The China Tourism Economy - Reaching Australia's Potential'. ACBC Victoria welcomed 100 members and friends to the official launch of the second ACBC national tourism report by the Victorian Minister for Tourism and Major Events, The Hon John Eren MP. The research was carried out by L.E.K. Consulting who expanded and built on the findings from last year’s report.

Hosted by ACBC members, BDO Australia in Melbourne on 11 October, guests were provided with insights into the value of the Chinese travel and tourism market and how the experience of Chinese tourists translates into broader economic opportunities for Australian offerings and exports.

See also for our busy calendar of upcoming events taking place before the end of the year, Australia-China news, supported events, initiatives and more...

China In Touch, 11 October 2017, Issue 213

Railways opened the West in America and these twin ribbons of steel were essential in developing the economic growth of Asia and Africa. Then rail went out of fashion. Instead of laying new rail, some countries ripped out railway lines. Others, like China, expanded their rail networks and this decision has paid off.