The Banyue - Issue 103 July 2018

This edition of the Banyue features information about upcoming events including the Members Only DFAT Briefing with the Consul General to Chengdu and the Executive Women’s Forum with Amanda Elliott. Issue 103 also features event recaps from our recent Future Leaders event and the China Health Update with Chuyang Liu, discounts for ACBC Members on Xiamen Airlines and much more…

China In Touch, 4 July 2018, Issue 231

The first artillery shots in Trumps trade war against China were fired as I was speaking at an investment  conference in Hainan where the Chinese speakers mounted a vigorous defence of free trade and highlighted the relationship between peace and the Belt and Road Initiative.

China will accelerate the development of larger trading blocks which are compliant with, and respectful of the global rules based order of the World Trade Organisation. It seems an irony that a country like China offers full support for the WTO and its trade mechanisms. Yet this was the clear and consistent message delivered by multiple speakers at the Hainan conference.



The Banyue - Issue 102 June 2018

In this edition, ACBC Victoria celebrates the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours awarded to ACBC Victoria President, The Hon Ken Smith AM and ACBC member, Michael Pointer OAM. Issue 102 also includes recent highlights including our WeChat Masterclass and the National ACBC event, Canberra Networking Day. Additionally, this edition has links to a survey for ACBC Members and Friends to assist us in our forward planning for the coming 12 months and much more…

China In Touch, 20 June 2018, Issue 230

My hometown used to sit on the main highway running between two  capital cities. The road was narrow and over the years it gradually improved. The traffic grew and the road became congested, but my hometown thrived on the business bought by the passing traffic.

Then the Government built a new multi-lane express way between the two capital cities. It was diverted around my hometown. Travel between the two capital cities was faster, more efficient and even more traffic used the new express way.

Everyone said my hometown was so beautiful that people would come off the expressway to see us so we didn’t need to do anything. Vehicles didn’t turn off the expressway to come to my home town. Business declined, and then collapsed. If you look to one side on the expressway you can see me home town. Its very pretty but its no longer part of the main flow of business.

This story of my hometown is also the story of the Belt and Road Initiative. The BRI is the new expressway in our region. We can pretend it doesn’t exist or we can do our best to make sure we are part of the new expressway.


The Banyue - Issue 101 May 2018

This edition of the Banyue features recent highlights from events including the Chengdu Delegation at International Chamber House and ACBC Victoria’s China's New Era event with Rowan Callick. Issue 101 also includes information about discounts on Xiamen airlines for ACBC members. Additionally, this edition includes links to a range of supported initiatives and external events and much more…