China In Touch, 23 May 2018, Issue 228

A recent research report on Chinas Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) features a cover-photo of a pair of workers boots covered in tar and in the background, a large machine laying asphalt on a freeway.

Its a perfect summary of the way Chinas BRI is most often viewed. The report asks if this the worlds largest venture capital project and goes on to provide an answer filled with figures, estimates and projections. But in many ways the report, and others like it, begs several important questions.


The Banyue: Issue 99 May 2018

Issue 99 of the Banyue includes an array of upcoming ACBC Victoria events such as Austrade Update with Stephanie Fahey and China’s New Era with Walkley Award Winner Rowan Callick. This edition also includes Xiamen Airline flight discounts for ACBC Victoria Members and recaps of events including the recent CIIE Business Forum Melbourne.

China In Touch, 9 May 2018, Issue 227



Chinas One Belt One Road (OBOR) policy is not universally welcomed and this is the root of some friction in relationships with China. The Australian national position could be described as extreme caution. We consider six approaches for dealing with this OBOR policy.

These are:

·         Acknowledge

·         Engage

·         Adjust

·         Draw red lines

·         Carve out a role for Australia

·         Integrate the  BRI into the overall framework of Australia-China relations




The China Connection | May 2018


IN THIS ISSUE: The South Australian China Export Forum 2018  |  Canberra Networking Day  |  Shanghai May 2018  |  Leonie McKeon on negotiation strategy  |  Improving agribusiness capabilities  |  Ageing well emerging market  |  Sinorbis digital masterclass  |  China Path Podcast 13 on wine in China  |  2018 Westpac Australia-China Business Sentiment Survey ... and more

The Banyue: Issue 98 April 2018

Issue 98 of the Banyue includes information about upcoming events such as the Belt & Road Initiative Forum at King & Wood Mallesons and the Medicinal Cannabis event with Charles Kovess from the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance. This edition includes event recaps from the ACBC Victoria IP event with David Bennett and the Cryptocurrency event. Additionally, Issue 98 includes links to the latest episode of the China Path Podcast and links to a wide range of external events and initiatives.