China In Touch, 15 January 2020, Issue 268

It is getting too cold for tourists in Xi’an but it  doesn’t stop the nightly flood of visitors to the Great Tang Mall stretching South from the Big Wild Goose pagoda where the first Buddhist scripture in China were translated for the Tang dynasty court. The mall stretches over two city blocks and is dominated by stately statues of past emperors and the Tang poets like Li Bai and DuFu. Unashamedly designed for tourists it also captures a Chinese cultural outlook. In mid-December the throngs of Xi’an residents, free from tourists, provide some local perspectives which are easily overlooked by visitors.



ACBC Vic eNews: The Banyue Issue 141 January 2020

Welcome to the first edition of ACBC Vic's fortnightly eNews The Banyue for 2020.

In this issue:

  • Bushfire relief support
  • Upcoming events including: Chinese New Year Celebration, ACBC Vic Tourism Summit and International Women's Day Gala Event
  • Member news feature: Tennis Australia and Ros Elite Experience
  • News on Chinese IP law and public appearance from Chinese ambassador to China, Cheng Jingye
  • New episode of the ACBC Podcast with national president David Olsson
  • Final few weeks to apply for VCCI's China Business Program 2020

ACBC Tasmania Christmas Newsletter 2019

A Christmas addition of the newsletter with events, news and infromation for your reading pleasuer over the Christmas break.

China In Touch, 18 December 2019, Issue 267

Hear the sucking noise? That’s capital being sucked out of regional markets and going to China. Funds that would have come here will now go to China. Funds that are here will be withdrawn and will go to China. This is happening because global Index manager Morgan Stanley has implemented the latest update of its China and emerging market index. Concerns about Chinese influence in politics and universities may be at fever pitch, but the reality is that some of Australia’s retirement savings will help fuel a predicted $US600 billion  inflow into mainland stocks over the next decade.


ACBC Vic eNews: The Banyue Issue 140 December 2019

In this, the final Banyue for 2019 we take some time to thank everyone who supported us this year to help us to grow and maintain our prominent position in the Australia China business space.

On top of that we have a slew of visiting delegation summaries as well as our newly added Australia China Tourism Summit for the 2020 program.

Don't miss out on your last opportunity for the Global Victoria Asia Gateway Voucher as well The VCCI's exclusive China Business Program.

Wishing you a safe a happy holidays - ACBC Vic