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Mar 19 5:42:am

Hi Helen, I can help if you still need the information. Just came back from China and have setup multiple enterprises in China, including a WFOE in the SHFTZ

Mar 19 5:40:am

You can set up a bank account with one of the international banks, HSBC, Citi, Standard Chartered etc. You are allowed to transfer currency within your own "global account" if you qualify as a VIP customer. There are easier ways, such as the purchaser being a China company with import rights are allowed to convert their RMB to AUD after supplying the relevant information to the international dept of their bank. Generally speaking this shouldnt be an issue. Ive done it multiple times when I worked as a CFO in China.

Aug 4 12:44:am

I am looking for an opportunity to set up a partnership in this zone. Do you have any suggestion? Helen

Aug 4 12:41:am

Why dont you check the policies for the businesses running in Shanghai free trade zone? You are allowed to transfer money overseas. Let me know your finding. Thanks. Helen

Jul 31 6:03:am

In Beijing and looking to escape the heat? Why not spend an afternoon visiting an exciting Australian exhibition at Beijings UCCA Gallery? Broached Commissions, a Melbourne-based design studio, has pioneered a new approach to the applied arts and to design objects based on extensive curatorial research into overarching historical themes such as colonialism and globalization. One of their central concerns is a key question in international applied arts practice: What happens to design when it migrates? The group’s first exhibition in China takes as a starting point Australia’s unique position as a mediator between European cultural traditions and its East and Southeast Asian neighbors. Far from merely a show of Australian design in China, “Broached Retreat” invites international designers to collaborate on discussions on the history of design. “Broached Retreat” features twelve pieces by eight designers. The exhibition includes works from the group’s first two highly successful collections, “Broached Colonial” and “Broached East,” alongside new works made for the UCCA presentation. “Broached Colonial” explores the colonial period from the Australian perspective, probing how the country’s unique cultural geography and population—remote yet European, bringing together entrepreneurs, frontiersmen, and convicts—impacted the development of its nascent material culture. For more Info visit

Jul 21 1:07:pm


Jul 16 5:53:am