The Banyue Issue 95 March 2018

This edition of the Banyue includes information about ACBC Victoria’s upcoming events for March and April such as ‘Getting your brand essentials China Ready’, with Andrew Kuiler, CEO of the Silk Initiative, and our April Cryptocurrency event. Issue 95 also features event recaps of our International Women’s Day event, our Agribusiness and Food China Update and much more...

China In Touch, 14 March 2018, Issue 223

Singing along with old songs provides a nostalgic background for the commute to work. Singing old songs as an excuse for national policy is not such a benign activity. One old song about China goes something like this: China is stealing our intellectual property . And in the spirit of old song subtitles, the refrain goes: because they cannot develop it themselves. It’s a comfort song that lulls some policy makers to sleep and blinds them to the changing reality of Chinese research and innovation.

ACBC SA: Newsletter March 2018

► China Business Ready 2: Digital China
► Australian football in China
► China International Import Expo

The Banyue Issue 94 March 2018

Issue 94 of the Banyue features recent ACBC Victoria highlights including a recap of the first Future Leaders Forum networking drinks, a recap of our Chinese Lunar New Year event and the official opening of Ego Pharmaceutical’s new $50 million global headquarters. The issue also includes information about initiatives such as Shanghai Alive 2018, links to the latest episode of the ACBC China Path Podcast and more…

China In Touch, 28 February 2018, Issue 222

The Cultural Revolution is infamous for is attack on the four olds – customs, culture, habits, ideas. Despite extensive destruction of people and artifacts the Red Guard rampage only forced long standing traditions underground. Many of these traditions never disappeared and we still see them in operation.

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is a hardy survivor of the Cultural Revolution purges.  Starting   the new year on the right foot is crucial because it sets the potential for the next 12 months. Luck, health, and prosperity need to know that they are   welcome to hang around in the upcoming year. Columns of Chinese calligraphy, chunlian, adorn each side of the main entrance. Red packets, or hong bao, are prepared for distribution.